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Project Description

This is a Genesis specific proprietary joint filler system, highest hardness (95 Shore A).  It is a specific use system, primarily for indoor joint filling application areas.  It is a very slow set material, with a high hardness.


The ISO side and Resin side are specifically matched, a specific formulation.   From a composition standpoint, this system uses the resin blend component of our GC-2500 spray system, and a specific aliphatic ISO side.


The product is also supplied as our Genesis HandPatch material.  This is used specifically for making repairs to our applied Genesis Polyurea Spray systems.  This is NOT for concrete repair work.  We have another product for that application.


It should be noted that as HandPatch, this product has been confused with a material referred to as HM-45.  This is not HM-45, and should never be referred to as such.  That is a designation of a competitive product, different formulation.